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We love your Mac almost as much as you do.


We’ve Loved Macs for Over 25 Years

We’re the most experienced Apple computer repair shop in Lexington. With our own Apple Certified Technician on staff, we’ve been repairing Macs since 1989 and have serviced or repaired around 6,000 Apple computer problems through the years. Have we seen it all? Well, maybe not, but we’ve seen a lot. There have been many changes to the Apple ecosystem since those early days but one thing that has not changed is our dedication to honesty and integrity in caring for Apple products.

Apple Computer Repair That Cares, Deeply

We can fix anything that’s gone wrong with your Mac:

  • Liquid Damage Repair
  • Hard Drive Damage or Failure Repair
  • No Boot (Folder with Question Mark)
  • Keyboard Damage Repair
  • Battery Not Charging Repair
  • Screen Damage and No Backlight Repair
  • Virus and Malware Removal
  • Software Conflicts, Problem Updates, and More…

Apple Repairs That Are Fast, Not Hasty

We know that you depend on your Mac for work, school and staying connected so we stock parts for the most common hardware failures. But a quick turnaround of your Apple repair won’t do you any good if it’s not performed carefully, that’s why we guarantee all our repairs so you can be confident that we stand behind our work. Most of our repairs are completed in 48 hours or less.

MacBook Pro Logic Board
MacBook Pro Repair

Logic Boards Repair Experts

The most common reason for Mac logic board repairs is because of a liquid spill. We have an ace logic board repair facility that can repair most logic board problems, whether caused by liquid or simple electronic failure. We offer super-quick turnaround times on our logic board repairs as well, saving you both time and money.

Need any more reasons to bring your Mac to us for repair? How about that we’re fast, most repairs are completed in just a day or two, we’re amazingly competent, and we guarantee our work and results. Bring us your computer, we’ll fix it. Got a question? Open a free chat session with a technician, we’re normally available from 8:30 until 5:00.

Campus Computer Repair

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Campus Computer Repair

Campus Computer Repair
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