This is a sort-of “when all else fails” fix. There are a lot of reasons why you might get this error, take a look here before you try my solution:

This computer is in for repair, is running Windows 7 and has a failing hard drive. We successfully cloned the drive but the machine still wouldn’t boot. Booting into normal mode caused a BSOD to flash across the screen (0x0000007b) and booting to Safe Mode led to a spontaneous reboot about half-way through the loading of drivers and services. From the Recovery Environment, SFC would not run because of a “Pending repair” of some sort and System Restore failed. Pretty hopeless.

From the Command Prompt in the Recovery Environment we navigated to \Windows\System32\config. We checked the RegBack folder there and it had a recent backup of the registry (sometimes this folder can be empty, sometimes it has a super-old version in it which will do you no good). There we created a new backup folder and copied all the registry files to it. Next, we copied the backed-up registry files from RegBack, overwriting the current registry. After that, we rebooted, enjoyed the fruits of our labour and nearly broke our arms patting ourselves on the back for brining yet another dead computer back to life.

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