Bleeping Computer has lots of tools and good forum-based help if you want to try virus removal yourself.

Broadband Reports – look at their security forums, lots of virus removal information and help here

Malwarebtyes is an excellent malware scanner, good help forums here too.


Krebs on Security is a great resource for up-to-date information on cybercrime and what the bad guys are up to. Krebs is often quoted in the mainstream press on security issues and is a former technology writer for The Washington Post

Wilders Security Forums – Lots of forums to learn about viruses and compare notes with others on various computer security techniques. Some security vendors frequent and provide support on this site.



The Verge has great coverage of what’s going on in IT, computers and telephony.


iFixit has lots of computer repair tutorials on how to take apart various computers, phones and tablets. Their focus is often on Apple products but they have teardowns of other products as well.

How-to Geek – Step-by-step computer repair instructions and articles on how to fix software problems with Windows and other platforms.

┬áHartland Computer Repair – Our sister organisation providing Lexington computer repair since 2008.

Computer Pieces & Parts – An independent supplier of parts for computers here in Lexington. Clarence carries a good inventory of the essential items and accessories you might need and refurbished computers as well. – One of the best online suppliers for computers, computer accessories and parts.

Laptop Battery One – For laptop batteries, we’ve used them on numerous occasions to supply batteries for friends and family. Amazon is a good source as well but read the reviews. When we order laptop batteries from Amazon we normally try to get an Anker branded battery.

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